Why did you create Maker Stead?

After discovering and observing the maker community for the last few years, I thought it would be nice to have a place where I could share my own projects or ideas and offer something back to the community. It's amazing to me that in the short time between 2012 -when I built my Reprap Prusa- and 2016, the advent of home manufacturing using machines like 3D printers and CNC machines has really skyrocketed. Even technologies like solar power and aeroponics are allowing people to manufacture their own power and grow their own food on scales that only a few years ago were impossible. Home manufacturing, in my mind, seems as though it holds a long future of knowledge and discovery just begging to be explored.

What do you hope to gain by starting Maker Stead?

Gain, in some small corners of the maker community may seem like a dirty word. However, we all have needs, desires and wants. Because of events from 2012-2015, for the immediate future, mine is to free myself of SSI and public housing. Of course it is gratifying to know that the fruits of one's labor are appreciated and the contributions one makes are valued, freeing myself from the restrictions of SSI and public housing is something that I would be eternally grateful for.

Why do you receive SSI?

I suffer from a condition known as retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) which limits my visual acuity to somewhere between 20/300 to 20/400. It also causes the physical manifestation of eye drift which causes the pupils of the eye to drift to one side. So, if I'm looking straight ahead, outwardly it may appear that I am looking to the right. ROP is a condition caused by excess oxygen interfering with the development of the retina during the maturation of a fetus in an incubator.

What are your goals for Maker Stead?

Although goals can change and life has a tendency to take you in directions you didn't anticipate, I'm very excited about the ultimate potentials of home manufacturing. Whether I'm learning a new technique or process, manufacturing or building something for myself or others, the goal is to accumulate and pass on as much knowledge as I can and build something valuable and appreciated by the community.